Retired NASDAQ Market Maker & Guru to Thousands of Successful Traders from More than 43 Countries announces...

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Can This New “Secret Weapon” Make Weekly Income For You Too? Read This Message To Find Out...

From: Jack Carter

Thursday, 5:11 p.m.

Dear Fellow Trader,

If you’re interested in using a new stock market “secret weapon” to make weekly income from the stock market, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s what it’s all about...

As you’ve seen, the stock market has been more volatile than any other time in history.

And with political problems, economic problems worldwide, a multi-trillion-dollar debt, and a spending- out-of-control government who’s bound to throw us into a tail-spin financial crisis — this market is likely to get even LESS predictable as time goes on.

Yet, despite this market volatility and these uncertain economic times, a small group of traders are quietly raking in millions of dollars from the stock market using a new “secret weapon.”

And the crazy part is, they do it...

Every Week… Like Clockwork!

This new secret weapon is not a stock, a mutual fund, a penny stock, an ETF, or even some sort of “magic” software — yet it has the power to change the way you use the stock market forever. What they are doing is very straightforward and simple.

This secret weapon they are using is called…

Weekly Options

Weekly options are exactly like regular options — in almost every way. And they are listed and traded like every other type of option. Almost everything is the same. The biggest difference is, weekly options...

Expire Every Week

This is new secret weapon to making weekly income.

Based on what I’ve figured out — with weekly options you can potentially make 2%... 5%... 8%... 15% or more...

On One, Simple, Solitary Weekly Trade

And you can do as many of these simple “weekly trades” as you want... to create weekly income... or... to create a huge retirement account... or both.

Even better, you can trade weekly options with a small account — or (of course) a large account as well. You can trade with just $3,000 or $100,000... or $1,000,000. The best part is...

You Get Paid Every Friday

Plus, it’s a proven fact — you can DOUBLE your returns, without risking one penny more... even using some options strategies you’re already using.

And, if done correctly, you can produce a steady stream of weekly options profits no matter what direction the market moves.

Even if the stock market goes up, down AND sideways.

Now, you might be asking yourself... “If this so hot, why haven’t I heard about it before?

Well, the reason is, simply because weekly options trading strategies didn’t work very well before now.

They didn’t work for two reasons…

Reason 1. Not enough volume.

However, the popularity of weekly options has grown exponentially — consequently, so has the trading volume.

Now, it’s to the point that there are always great weekly options trades to make.

Here’s a chart showing the rising volume in weekly options...

Reason 2. Not all the best stocks had available weekly options.

Now, most stocks have weekly options available. And this gives you even more ways to cash in.

Before I go any further... let me step back and take a minute to tell you a little bit about who I am and why you should listen to me.

I just think it’s important you know you’re not talking to some “homeless schlub” who doesn’t know what he’s doing — someone who’ll waste your time with hype or BS.)

My name’s Jack Carter. And as of this writing, I have over 32 years and close to one billion dollars in trading experience.

Nope... that’s not a misprint.

You see, I started clear back in 1984 — and I’ve traded through the largest “up and down” market in history.

In fact, I once traded over eight million-dollars’ worth of stock in a single day. (That was the day I traded 284,000 shares of ORCL and a few other stocks). After working as a Nasdaq Market Maker for nine years, I traded at a “fast-money” hedge fund for some accredited investors. I traded ALL day, getting up at the crack of dawn and never leaving my desk.

I even had assistants who helped me as I barked-out my orders to buy and sell. I had institutional brokers giving me “hot IPO’s” for the commission business that I did with their firms. I had direct links to all the Nasdaq Market Makers and the latest execution technology. My partners and I made hundreds of thousands of dollars trading like this.

Now... I’m not telling you this to brag. The only reason I even bring this stuff up at all is because you need to know I’ve been “around the block”. I have done it all, my friend. And I even had a certain level of “success” at it, as well.

More importantly: all my experience means NOTHING compared to what I’m going to show you — and how it’s going to bless your life.

Which is simply this...

l’ve Discovered What l Believe ls the Biggest Trading Advantage For The “Little Guy”… Since the Invention of The Internet!

That may sound like an exaggeration... but it’s the God’s honest truth.

And taking it one step further... I believe…

This Is Without Question The Single Biggest Profit Making Market Breakthrough For The Small Account Trader… EVER!

Weekly Options offer more advantages to the small account owner than you can shake a stick at.

For example:

  • Weekly options can work for you to generate weekly income for just about ANY account size... even traders who have less than $5,000 can cash-in with weeklies using my breakthrough set-ups.
  • ​Because 4 weekly options premiums equals MORE than double the premium of a single monthly option — it means you DOUBLE your potential profits for the exact same amount of risk... this is a serious edge for the small account trader.
  • ​2-9% gains each and every week are VERY DOABLE using the power of weekly options (no matter what your account size).
  • ​Practically every Friday is a “pay-day”. Because weeklies expire every Friday, I like to think of Friday as “pay day”.
  • ​And consider this... there are 52 Friday’s every year. And that means 52-pay- days... once you learn how to trade weekly options with my system.

There has never been a vehicle like this available to small account traders in the history of the stock market.

This is exciting stuff... but don’t think it ONLY works for people who have small accounts. No sir-ree... if that’s what you think — you’re missing my point.

All I’m trying to do is point out the benefits to a small account owner simply because that’s where MOST people are coming from. Most people have a “small account”... limited funds to work with.

But listen to this...

If You Have $20,000 In Risk Capital Or More, You Should Be Dancing In The Streets My Friend!

Why? Because, quite frankly, your retirement plans have just been bumped-up by a decade (or more!)

If You Are 50 plus Years Old And You Have $100,000 To Trade, I Can Show You How To Build A Weekly Income Stream Of $3,000 to $5,000 Per Week!

You might just want to stop... pinch yourself... and RE-READ that last sentence! Because it’s the absolute truth.

Do you really get what I just said to you?

Do you really get the ramifications of what that statement could mean to your financial life... and to your lifestyle?

In case you’re just “not getting it” — what this really means is:

The Multi-Million Dollar “Nest Egg” You Thought You Were Going To Need For Retirement Has Just Shrunk Itself Down To An Incredibly Manageable, Ridiculous Amount!

You No Longer Need Five, Three Or Even One Million Dollars To Retire Comfortably

With My Weekly Options Strategies in Your Hands - You Could Possibly Retire TODAY with a Trading Account Size of Only $100,000 and Still Generate a Steady Income of $10,000 to $20,000 (or more) per Month!

Now obviously, there are no guarantees — and even if I could guarantee it, the SEC wouldn’t allow me to make you such a promise. So, I’m NOT going to promise it. But please hear me out — because it really IS possible.

And NO... it’s not going to require you to spend 18-hours a day with your eyeballs glued to a computer screen watching stocks bounce up and down... nor will it require you to somehow magically get the investing “know-how” of a Warren Buffet...

Instead, how does spending about 5-minutes-per-day “on your trading activities” Monday through Thursday?... and then, on Friday, you’ll need around a half-hour — possibly a full hour? And how ‘bout if what you needed to learn could be taught to a fifth grader in a single afternoon? How does that sound?

Now you’re starting to see why I call this...

The Single Biggest Profit-Making Stock Market Break-through For the Independent Small Account Trader Ever…

My weekly options trading system works because...

It’s Based On 3 Core Truths About Options:

  • Options Truth #1: 77% Of All Options Expire Worthless!
  • Options Truth #2: Options Expire Worthless Because of “Time Decay”
  • Options Truth #3: “Time Decay” occurs most in the last week of options expiration!

And now with weekly options, you can take advantage of time decay every week. I’ll show you how I use them to create weekly income. And as I do, I want you to understand a fundamental difference in what I teach…

What you’ll learn here is based on selling weekly options to take advantage of time decay and putting the advantage of “probability” on your side. And, on occasion, I’ll also buy weekly calls or puts outright. But mostly, what I’m doing is selling weekly options. What you’re going to learn here is totally different from any other options training for three reasons…

#1: It’s based on what works in the real world. There are no hypothetical results here... I really live this stuff. It’s what I do for a living — and I can teach you to do it, too. And...

#2: The fact of the matter is — options buyers lose most of the time. I teach you to profit in the options market by selling weekly options and putting time decay on your side. When you position yourself like this, you put the odds of success in the options market dramatically in your favor... getting rich reaping small, high probability winners over time.

#3: The third reason this is different from the mainstream options trading world is also the reason this system is so reliable and powerfully effective. It has to do with what I teach you about...

The Underlying Stock

This is the most important thing you’ll ever learn about options — every option investor who loses consistently is trying to succeed the same way: they analyze options.

This doesn’t work. Nor does wasting your time analyzing options “Greeks” like Alpha, Gamma and Omega. This stuff doesn’t work either.

Here’s why…

You see, it simply doesn’t matter what options strategy you use if you get the underlying stock pick wrong. If you pick the wrong stock — the options strategy is going to fail. Now... if you get the stock picking part right — then you can flat-out kill it trading with options. This is my number 1 secret to options success.

And that’s why the core of what I teach you about options trading is based on learning to analyze the underlying stock... not analyzing options!

OK, let’s recap the important principals and concepts, then we'll look at the step by step system...

  • ​ 77% of all options expire worthless.
  • ​ Options Expire Worthless Because Of "Time Decay."
  • ​ Time decay occurs most in the last week of options expiration.
  • ​ Options sellers make all the money!
  • ​ Weekly Options let you make the most.

Here’s something else that gives you a huge advantage with my system...

The Stock Does Not Even Have To Go Up For You To Make With My System!

You see, after you buy a stock, only three things can happen — the stock can only...

1. Go Up

2. Stay About The Same

3. Go Down

With my “Weekly Options Profits” system, you don’t need to pick stocks that go up. In fact, you can make money whether they go up, stay flat, or even go down by an amount you pre-determine.

So, with my Weekly Options trading strategy..

You Can Potentially Make Money In 2 Out Of 3 Scenarios-Even If You Are A Horrible Stock Picker

(But don’t worry... I’m going to turn you into a great stock picker!)

And like I’ve mentioned from the start... this strategy is perfect for the “little guy”. I say that because the capital required for this to work is only $3,000. And if you are trading a $100,000 account, you could possibly make $8,000 or $10,000 a week with this.

And like I’ve mentioned from the start... this strategy is perfect for the “little guy”. I say that because the capital required for this to work is only $3,000. And if you are trading a $100,000 account, you could possibly make $8,000 or $10,000 a week with this.

I can’t tell you what a HUGE advantage it is over regular investing — just getting in a trade and knowing that the stock DOES NOT HAVE TO GO UP is such a huge relief. Really, all that has to happen is the stock needs to stay “at about the same price” for 1 week.

There is no other trading strategy on the planet that gives the little guy these many advantages.

There Are Only A Handful Of Strategies You Need!

That’s good news for you — because there’s just not a lot of new things you must learn. And all but one of these strategies are very similar — because they’re all based on using weekly options to create weekly income. I’m going to teach them all to you. But first, let me tell you about the main money-maker. This is the MAIN STRATEGY to use for weekly income:

What you do first is sell a Put option to bring-in cash — and at the same time buy a lower strike priced Put to hedge and protect your trade. You bring in more money for the Put you sold than you spend to buy the lower strike priced Put and the difference is called a “Net Credit.” (I consider this “Put protection” to be like “insurance” on my trade. Or, another way to look at it is this, consider it a “cost of doing business cautiously”. And in fact, you CAN write it off as a business expense... but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Then — simply let both options expire worthless.

Now, just to clarify further — let me walk you through the steps I use to do this with weekly options... But first — remember this:

Not all stocks have weekly options available on them. And the ones that do have weekly options are not all “worthy” of your precious trading capital.

The first step is to get the list of stocks that have weekly options available. I’ll tell you how to get this list in just a minute... but first let me just go ahead and show you:

My 7 Simple Steps to Weekly Options Profits

Step 1: Get the list of stocks that have available weekly options.

Step 2: Pick a couple of stocks you’re at least somewhat familiar with.

Step 3: Look at a 6-month chart on each of stocks you’ve chosen. What you want to do is determine — as best as you can — the pre-existing trend of the stock.

For example, if the broad market’s trend is up and the stock’s pre-existing trend is up and looks good... then... and only then... do I look at the stock’s weekly options to see if there is a potential trade.

If you want, you can use some trend criteria to help you see the trend. This “trend criteria” can be anything you want that helps you identify the underlying stock’s current trend because the current trend of the underlying stock is critical.

Some people use moving averages... but you can use whatever you’re comfortable with. (I’ll show you in detail what I personally do inside my “Weekly Options Profits” training.) When you find a stock that is in a nicely rising trend... and you can clearly see support, then picking the options becomes easier.

Step 4: After I find a stock I find a support level below the stock’s current price.

Step 5: Go online and look at the live options quotes. I’m looking for a spread on strike prices below the stock’s current price where I could sell a Put and buy a lower strike priced Put and collect a net credit.

Step 6: Enter you order on a limit.

Step 7: Sit back and let time decay do all the work in the next 3 days.

OK... now let’s look at a “real world” example. The capital required for this trade was only $3,000.

The profit was $630 after commissions. That’s a 20% return... and...

It Only Takes Three Days To Profit!

The very first thing I do is put my fingers on the pulse of the broad market. I personally do this by looking at a chart of ticker symbol DIA. This is an ETF that tracks the Dow Jones Index. When I look at a chart of DIA I can tell what the general direction of the broad market is.

Please don’t overlook this step. Why? Well, based on the history of the stock market, 4 out of 5 stocks tend to move in the same direction of the overall stock market — so it’s important that you:

1. identify the market’s overall direction, then

2. pick a stock that tends to follow the overall market.

So, if the market is trending up, I plan a bullish trade for the week. If the broad market is down, I plan a bearish trade for the week. Simple as that. In this case, the broad market was up. The next step is to plan an options trade on a stock that’s in a “flat to rising” trend. I settled on a stock in a positive trend. The ticker symbol was GLD.

Here's How To Do It…

First, sell a deep out-of-the-money Put.

Then, buy the next lower strike priced Put for my hedge — or “protection”.

By doing this, you get more for the Put you sell than for the lower strike priced Put that you buy and the difference is your “net credit.”

Let me break down the math for you…

Here’s how it worked out...

SOLD 10 Weekly Puts @ .86 = $860 Income

BOUGHT 10 Weekly Puts @ .23 = $230 Expense

(our “insurance” or ”protection”)

$860 Income - $230 Expense = $630 “Net Credit”

Risk Capital Required $3,000

$630 profits is a 21% return in 3 days.

Which brings up another point to keep in mind:

In other words, there’s no law stopping you from doing as many of these as you want. It’s just up to you, and the amount of risk capital you’re interested in utilizing.

Quite frankly, you can potentially make thousands of dollars every week using just the main strategy from my “Weekly Options Profits” training. Even with a small account.

And... you can do it every week — 52-weeks a year... and get paid each week! You can probably even get a debit card from your broker and live on the cash you earn!

Can you lose money?

Of course!

No question about it. You need to be cautious and careful. And you need to learn my strategy until you know it backwards, sideways, and upside-down. You need to know it “in your sleep”.

And, any time you’re considering a new trading strategy, it’s wise to ask not only how much you can potentially make using the strategy — but also ask: “how much can I lose?” and “how often can I lose?”

As an example, let’s compare my options trading system to stock trading:

In stock trading, when considering how often you could lose, the frequency can be high, at least initially in the trade. The reason is because when you buy a stock, you are right on the edge of a profit or a loss.

If the stock goes up or down, you are either losing or winning right away. This being the case, you encounter losses frequently, maybe 50% of the time.

Let’s compare that to my weekly options trading system:

With my weekly options income strategy, the stock can go up, down or stay within a fairly wide range and you still win. It’s not very often you have to deal with a bad trade.

Here’s why...

Let me give you a real-life example: not long ago, I suggested to my VIP subscribers that they use Apple as the underlying stock for one of my options income strategies. (Apple was trading at around 700 per share at the time.)

I suggested they sell the Apple 670 Put and buy the Apple 665 Put. They would get more for selling the 670 Put than they would spend on buying the 665 Put and the difference is their net credit.

With this trade Apple could go up or down 29 dollars, or even stay the same. As long as Apple stayed above 670 until Friday’s close, the trade would be a winner. As you can see... this gives you a LOT of flexibility — and it gives the trade a lot of “wiggle room”.

So, this strategy is less risky than owning the stock of Apple. And the weekly income available is absolutely amazing... especially when compared to buying the stock outright.

This is the stuff I teach you in my Weekly Options Profits System. Plus, by staying deep out-of-the- money, you take on even less risk.

For example, you can often find spreads that are 40-points out-of-the-money. We’ve had several of these in the last 27 weeks. And at the time, the probability of Apple dropping $40 per share in 3-4 days was almost zero.

My point is, when you are deep out-of-the-money like this... on the right stocks... the odds are heavily in your favor. So it’s not often that you run into a bad trade. Out of 30 trades, I only had one that “went haywire” on me. So that’s about 3.3% of the time compared to 50% of the time with stock trading.

Now — please understand, these are unique examples and everyone’s results vary and any past performance is no guarantee of future success. There simply are NO GUARANTEES in the stock market.

But you can clearly see...

My Main Weekly Options Strategy Puts the Odds of Success GREATLY In Your Favor!

The odds are in your favor because the system is based on putting time decay on your side with weekly options to create weekly income regardless of market conditions.

Now, it’s not the only strategy for Weekly Options... I will also teach you to use weekly options to do a special “covered call” strategy — and every once in a while I’ll outright buy weekly puts or calls. I’ll go over that with you inside the “Weekly Options Profits” training.

So far, I’ve given you a pretty good understanding of how my main Weekly Options Profits strategy works.

But there are literally hundreds of other “little things” you still need to know to go from this understanding to actual implementation — to put together your own options trades.

You need to know things like:

• The step-by-step method I use to pick the ideal underlying stocks that have weekly options available.

• Exactly what to do when a trade DOES go wrong.

• How to pick the best options — deciding where and when to get in — and then, how to manage the trade once you’re in it.

• How to go “long term” with this strategy — and build yourself a multi-million-dollar retirement account.

...and much, much more.

I cover all these details (and more) in my training. Now, I used to teach these strategies in a “small group” setting. At the time, I was charging $4,000 per person.

So, I made some pretty good money teaching this. More importantly, my students are having GREAT success with what I’ve taught them.

Then I got adventurous... and I decided I’d take all my knowledge and “bundle it up” into modules of videos and workbooks that you can follow along with and learn from, in a step-by-step manner.

Now, I’m no professional salesman — nor am I a big-shot corporate “product manufacturer”… so what I’ve put together isn’t anything fancy. But honestly, you probably don’t WANT something “fancy” — you just want killer content that will teach you how to make money! Right?

So, what I did was hire a bunch of goof-ball TECHNICAL GEEKS. These guys are genius... (even if they ARE a little goofy — to me, at least)...

And they have essentially sucked my brain dry for every last detail — and they’ve transplanted it into a web-based “Training Center” that allows you to log-in from anywhere there’s an Internet connection — and work your way through the lessons.

And I’ll tell you what... it’s turned-out 10-times better than I ever imagined it could. I’m very pleased. You get everything you need... every last drop of training and support — right there on the Internet where you can go through it 24-hours a day, 365-days a year — any time, day or night. It’s pretty amazing.

But my point is this:

Now that I don’t have to do this live, I can now justify a much, much lower “entry fee” for my students! And since MOST of my students are “Small Account” owners — it really has created a win-win situation.

After all, the entire REASON I created this in the first place was to...

Help The Little Guy Make Money Every Week… NoMatter The Size Of Your Account… Or Market Conditions!

That’s been my goal from the beginning.

So, I think I’ve finally come-up with a way to do it that’s going to make this easily affordable for anyone that’s serious...

I’ve given a great deal of thought to how I should make all this available and what I should charge for providing it. After all — when you cut away all the fluff...

Really What You're Getting is All the Nitty-Gritty Inside Information You Need to Know to Generate Income For The Rest Of Your Life!

How Am I Supposes To Put A Price On That?

This information is obviously worth an absolute fortune in the right hands...

  • You’re going to finally know exactly what I do to scan the market quickly for the best stock opportunities.
  • ​You’re going to finally know exactly how to look at options to quickly find a great trade.
  • ​You’re going to finally know all sorts of detailed “secrets” to create consistent, steady weekly income — week after week after week.
  • ​You’re going to finally know exactly how to build a huge income, a stable fortune and even a massive retirement account...

All In Your Spare Time!

Seriously... how do you put a price on what that’s worth to the right guy?

For obvious reasons, I am not about to give all that to every Tom, Dick and Mary for a-song-and-a-dance.

And, as you probably know, I’m very accustomed to being very, very well-paid for my knowledge.

So, I am going to charge you a “solid” price. But I promise you one thing — it will be a lot less than the $100,000 in losses you’d rack-up while trying and failing, trying and failing, painfully separating on your own what works from what doesn’t.

Let me tell you about the Weekly Options Profits Basic System Package and the VIP System Package…

The “Basic System” Package: With the Weekly Options Profits Basic System you get six (6) Weekly Options Profits Trader Training Modules. These Modules cover everything from the “nuts and bolts” of options to the detailed secrets you need to know to build weekly income. Every strategy to profit from weekly options is covered in complete detail.

I also include a special Module that reveals the only way to “Bulletproof’ every trade you make. This is perfect for today’s market because it protects you no matter what.

Each module consists of a printed handout and video training for each module.

In the videos, you will “meet me at your computer” and learn with videos and my Trader Training posts how to use the system to make weekly options profits.

You get to “look over my shoulder” as I go online, analyze the stocks, then I check the weekly options quotes to find a great trade.

Each Trader Training Video also goes over the step-by-step process I use to execute each strategy. These videos show you exactly how to do each strategy simply and easily.

And even after you go through all the training, I realize there may be some “rough spots” in your understanding and some places where you might need a little hand holding so I’m also going to give you...

Unlimited Email Support

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the “Weekly Options Profits” strategies. Just remember I am not a licensed stock broker — and I cannot (and will not) offer any specific trade advise. What’s more....

You Get Instant Permanent Access to the “Members-Only” Weekly Options Internet Training Portal

On top of the “Unlimited Email Support”, you also get permanent instant access to the members-only “Weekly Options Internet Training Portal” where you get the entire course and all the trader training online! Your password never expires!

This is a private, password-protected website, but... there are no monthly membership fees. There are no fees of any kind. You get a lifetime pass to the member’s internet portal when you buy the “Weekly Options Profits” basic training.

This internet portal holds all the training material in an easy to navigate format. And it’s accessible 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

You can even download and save all of the training Modules to your computer so you can have access to them on your computer even when you’re “offline”. Plus, I’ll ALSO send you the entire “Weekly Options Profits System” home-study package by Priority Mail!

And the way this system is set up, you can learn it and start making profit-rich weekly options trades in less than 24 hours!

Now, if you’re like me — and you really want to “GET IT ALL” then the VIP package is for you. This includes everything in the Basic system. Plus, we give you the spoon fed, cream of the crop weekly options stock and options picks for one year. This is the package most people go for, because you’re going to have all the training there. You’re going to get it. You’re going to understand it. But you’re going to get an even bigger benefit when my team gives you these VIP picks.

If you’re really serious, and you’re ready to get going, get the VIP package because it comes with the weekly options picks. Let me tell you about these VIP picks. With the VIP service, every week, we email you the exact stock and options ticker symbols used to do the trade.

There’s no guess work on your part. We’re going to give you the exact stock to use, and the exact options strike prices to use, to do this trade. Then you can use that trade, follow that trade, do that trade, or use that trade as a guide for how much yield you want to make, based on the example we give you. The main thing is when you’re a VIP Member, and you get these weekly options picks for 12 months, there’s no guesswork on your part. With the VIP System, we do all the hard work for you.

Now let’s get onto the prices. Your investment for everything in the Weekly Options Profits Basic System Package is just $1497 for the Basic package, or $2997 for the VIP Package.

But I’m going to let you get this system for much less than that, if you act quickly…

Here’s what we’ve arranged for you…

If you decide to go with the Basic System Package, I want to thank you for becoming a customer, and for being serious enough to attend this webinar. To help you get started, and even though my marketing advisors think I’m nuts, if you enroll right away today, I’ll give you a good customer discount of $1000, reducing your total out of pocket cost to only $497 for the Basic System Package with lifetime access.

And if you decide to go all the way and go VIP, I’ll give you a good customer discount right now for $1500, making the total cost of the VIP package just $1497 for lifetime access and 12 months of Weekly Options VIP Trade Alerts.

Plus, All New Members Get A $3440 Free Bonus!

The Three Day Cash Machine

This is special training I sold to a high-end group of money managers. They each paid $3440 and received a detailed step by system covering exactly how to make weekly income in 4 days or less.

Here’s what you will learn…

  • All About Options
  • ​All About Stocks
  • ​4 Day Cash Machine Strategy Training
  • ​How To Calculate Your Profit
  • ​Creating Your Spread
  • ​Entering Your Limit Order
  • ​Finding Good Spreads
  • ​Strategy Walk Through
  • ​A Week In The Life Of A Three Day Cash Machine Trade
  • Case Studies
  • ​Setting An Alert
  • ​Live Demo Video
  • ​Exit Strategy Live Demo
  • ​How To Close Out
  • ​When To Stay In A Losing Trade
  • ​How To Make More, But Only If The Trade Goes Bad
  • ​Bear Market Strategy Training
  • ​A Week In The Life Of A Bear Market Trade
  • ​Bear Market Case Study

Here’s a re-cap of everything you get...

Weekly Options Profits Basic System

  1. Lifetime Access To Member's Online Portal.
  2. Weekly Options Profits Trader Training Modules.
  3. Weekly Options trader Training Video.
  4. Unlimited email support.
  5. Home Study Kit.
  6. Bonus Video Training and Case Studies.
  7. Three Day Cash Machine. (A $3,440 Value)

Normally $1,497 Today Just $497

Here’s what you get with the VIP system…

Weekly Options Profits VIP System

  1. Lifetime Access To Member's Online Portal.
  2. Weekly Options Profits Trader Training Modules.
  3. Weekly Options Video Training.
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Your training system is simple and easy to understand and implement. An anomaly in today's world.

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Great job thanks to you! On one account I have made 21% since Jan 1st and on another 13% since April 1st. Before I worked with you, I spent $7000 on another coach and promptly lost $2000. After I studied your course, I started making profits immediately.

You are welcomed to use this on your site. I highly recommend you.

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I want to thank you for making information on your strategy available to us – the little guys. I have been researching trading options for income and yours is not only the most comprehensive, but it also makes the most sense. I started paper trading vertical bull puts 4 weeks ago hoping to realize $200-$300 dollars a week. In the last four weeks I have made 15 trades. Fourteen were winners and the one that wasn’t I exited early because it had turned against me. So far it is working for me.I appreciate so much the information you provided. This could be a life changer for me and my family.

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“Hi Jack… I just wanted to tell you that your system works!!! I made $3,700 this past week with your VIP pick. Thanks much!”

– Jerry J, Kansas City, MO

“I’m averaging 4 to 5 thousand per week using your rules. Thank You BIG time. Profit for the week: $4,780. WOW. All the credit goes to Jack and his team.”

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“In addition to Jack’s picks, I have been using his strategy to strike-out on my own. Since I joined and started trading, I am now up $2,584, much more than I paid for the subscription. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

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